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Free Arcade Games

Name: Mario Yoshi Feeding
Description: Mario Yoshis friend is hungry. Mario wants to help him and throw berries to feed Yoshi.

Category: Arcade
Name: Pokemon Attack Defense
Description: Wild Pokemons attacking Pokémon base. Ash with their pokemons must attack the enemies.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Toad Defense
Description: Mario and friends must protect the girl from the enemy attacks.

Category: Arcade
Name: Bike Racing HD: Space
Description: Drive with the spacecraft through the obstacles and collect stars.

Category: Arcade
Name: Pokemon Catch Time
Description: Ash and Pikachu are going to catch pokemons. To catch Pokemons they have to throw ball into them.

Category: Arcade
Name: Ben 10 Stinkfly Battle
Description: Ben 10 must help friends, so he have to transform himself into stinkfly. Ben 10 fly and shoot down opponents and collect all sorts of benefits.

Category: Arcade
Name: Angry Santa Mario
Description: Mario wants to buy gifts for friends, but he does not have a coin. Help Mario collect the coins and avoid the dangers.

Category: Arcade
Name: Santa Mario Adventure
Description: Help Mario to collect all the gifts and put back in the red bag.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Winter Run
Description: Mario prepared gifts for friends, but someone stole them. Help Mario to collect all the stolen gifts.

Category: Arcade
Name: Gyro Atoms In Escape From Pirate Island
Description: Gyro Atoms must escape from the pirate island. He has to overcome various obstacles and collect atoms.

Category: Arcade
Name: Sonic In the Air
Description: Sonic is a pilot who has to collect as many gems as possible. Sonic must avoid Eggmans.

Category: Arcade
Name: Minion the Astronaut
Description: Pet is given a mission to explore the planet Mars and collect the burgers on the way.

Category: Arcade
Name: Angry Birds Egg Runaway
Description: Angry Birds kid is hungry and he has to go out and eat the apples to grow bigger. Avoid the pigs during the way.

Category: Arcade
Name: Flappy Bird
Description: Help the little bird fly through the pipes. The bird should not run into anything.

Category: Arcade
Name: Hit Ups 2
Description: You must destroy all the blocks on the field. This can be done with the ball, if the ball falls down the game is lost.

Category: Arcade
Name: Skating Blocks
Description: Play as a blue blob. Jump from one platform to other, avoid enemies and do not fall down to survive as long as you can.

Category: Arcade
Name: Wario Bike Adventure
Description: Drive as Wario or Waluigi on a motorbike over hills and many obstacles while keeping the motorbike balanced.

Category: Arcade
Name: Stickman Adventure
Description: Your girl friend has been captured by a red Stickman. Complete all levels in order to rescue her.

Category: Arcade
Name: The Snake Game
Description: In this snake game you have to move the snake through a maze and eat all eggs. Be careful and do not bite your tail.

Category: Arcade
Name: Ghost of Christmas Presents
Description: In this old style platform game you play as Santa and your task is to collect presents and squish grinchlings.

Category: Arcade
Name: Bazooki
Description: Bazooki is a physics based puzzle shooter where players need to blow up all the barrels in the quickest times possible to earn Bronze, Silver or Gold Trophies.

Category: Arcade
Name: Castle Smasher
Description: Load up your catapult, aim and fire stones at your enemies castles on a quest to conquer the kingdom. Travel from castle to castle as you perfect the art of tearing down enemy walls.

Category: Arcade
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