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    Name: Sift Heads 1 Remasterized
    Description: This cool sniper game is a remake of the first Sift Heads part. With new improved graphics and amazing music.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Harbor Sniper
    Description: Harbor Sniper is a puzzle style shooting game, where your mission is to complete different tasks to eliminate bad guys.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Invisible Hero
    Description: It is World War 2 and you are a professional sniper. Your main job is complete different sniping tasks and clear the territory of enemies.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Shadow Agent
    Description: This is a sniping game where you start with a target shooting practice and then continue with many sniping missions.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Survive Crisis
    Description: You have successfully eloped near the enemy territory and now it is time to show your snipping skills and eliminate all enemy units.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Sift Heads World Act 6
    Description: The 6th episode of Sift Heads World. Action packed missions to complete such as action shooting, sniping missions, interactive animated sequences and intense countdown game play.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Sift Heads World Act 5
    Description: Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro are going to an excursion in Amazon forests, but local mercenaries will get in their way. Fight off the ruthless mercenaries and try to accomplish your expedition.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Sift Heads World Act 4
    Description: Sift Heads World Act 4 – Cold Memories: Shorty goes all the way to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Sift Heads World Act 3
    Description: After a hard-hitting blow from Alonzo our team is back on the hunt. But it won’t be so easy this time, cause Alonzo has some very influencing friends in high places. Vinnie and his partners will need the help of the Mayor in Chicago to take down all enemies.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Sift Heads World Act 2
    Description: With the Yakuza on their tail, Kiro, Vinnie and Shorty will fly to Tokyo Japan to confront a crime lord that is set on getting Kiro’s head. This new Sift Heads World episode has more of what you like; character selection, more custom costumes, plenty of new weapons and a new interactive city to explore.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Sift Heads World
    Description: Sift Heads World is a cool shooting, sniper game, Where you can play as Vinnie, Kiro or Shorty. Use over 14 different weapons to complete all 10 main missions.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Elite Sniper
    Description: Join the rank of Elite Snipers by mastering micro puzzles, timing, and aiming in an emense sniper world.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Silent Kill
    Description: Try to kill all targets in the given amount of time. Make head shots for extra bonus.

    Category: sniper
    Name: Agent B10
    Description: In this online sniper game you play as a secret agent and you must follow all mission instructions to take down your targets.

    Category: sniper
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