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Free Fighting Games

Name: KOF The Strongs Fighting
Description: Get ready for a Street Fighter style game. Choose between 1vs1 or 2vs2 mode and beat all your opponents.

Category: Fighting
Name: Zombie Rage
Description: Zombies are everywhere in the city. Your mission is to fight them and get to the top of the roof.

Category: Fighting
Name: Violent Couple
Description: Villains from underground has stolen grandson from grandparents. Now they are going to get him back.

Category: Fighting
Name: Super Ultraman
Description: Play as Ultraman and fight deadly robots. Go from one planet to another and clear them from the robots.

Category: Fighting
Name: Army Boxing
Description: You are a soldier and you have to take part in an army boxing tournament. Try to beat all your opponents.

Category: Fighting
Name: Mr M street battle
Description: You have been ordered AG gang territory in the west district. Try to beat them all.

Category: Fighting
Name: Monsters fight
Description: This is an online fighting game. Choose your monster and try to beat all your opponent beasts.

Category: Fighting
Name: Down to Hell
Description: In this action fighting game you have to choose your character and try to make your way in hell through 20 levels.

Category: Fighting
Name: Street Avenger
Description: Online fighting game. Beat all enemies and bosses so defeat every level boss to continue to next level.

Category: Fighting
Name: Electric Man 2
Description: Welcome to the tournament of Voltagen, where combat teams of varying numbers complete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stick man universe. The current champion has never been beaten.

Category: Fighting
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