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Name: Super Sergeant Zombies
Description: You are given the task to kill all zombies. Find the exit from the building on each level.

Category: Shooting
Name: Zombie Dominion
Description: A combination of zombie shooting and parking game.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Zombie Vacation WebGl
Description: 3D first person shooter WebGl game. Zombies are attacking and you have to shoot them all down.

Category: Shooting
Name: Kill The Graveyard Zombies
Description: Hunter has gone into the forest and he is attacking zombies. The hunter has to shoot down all the zombies.

Category: Shooting
Name: Rage Zombie Shooter
Description: You are under the zombies attack. You have to shoot down all the zombies.

Category: Shooting
Name: Let Plants Fly
Description: Zombies are attacking, but the pea shooters have a limited number of bullets to shoot down all the zombies.

Category: physics-games
Name: Hugo with AK47
Description: You are under zombie attack. Use the shotgun to shoot them all.

Category: Shooting
Name: Deadtonatorz
Description: You must destroy all the zombies on the stage. You have limited amount of rockets so you should make an explosion chain reaction to kill them all.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Zombie Impaler
Description: In this game you have a bow and arrow to shoot the zombies. You are given a few arrows so you must shoot accurately.

Category: Shooting
Name: Rise of the Zombies
Description: The zombies has captured the family of a young girl. Help her to shoot zombies but be careful do not shoot your family member.

Category: Shooting
Name: Zombie Revolt
Description: You are driving a jeep through dead city full with zombies. Shoot them all and upgrade the weapons to survive.

Category: Shooting
Name: The Walkin Dead
Description: The zombies are all around and the only safe place could be a prison. Your mission is to clear the prison from zombies.

Category: Shooting
Name: Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse
Description: After a deadly virus infection there are a lot of bloody zombies in the world. Protect your bunker from zombie attacks.

Category: Shooting
Name: Zombudoy
Description: The zombies are hungry and are coming to your house to steal all food. Throw stones and use other weapons to stop them.

Category: Shooting
Name: Zombies Ate Juggles
Description: You are in a clown town and there are a lot of clown zombies, werewolves and other beasts. You task is to shoot them all.

Category: Shooting
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