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Name: 18 Wheeler Fire Truck
Description: You are given the task of delivering the goods. Drive carefully so you do not lose the load.

Category: car
Name: Fireman Forest Rescue
Description: Drive a firefighter truck as quickly as possible to get to the fire place.

Category: Racing
Name: Cargo Lumber Transporter 3
Description: Drive a truck and transport goods. Drive carefully so you do not lose the load.

Category: car
Name: Cargo Lumber Transporter 2
Description: Drive the truck and deliver log cargo to its destination. The road is rugged so drive carefully and do not lose the load.

Category: Racing
Name: Cargo Garbage Truck
Description: Drive a truck and deliver bombs. Drive carefully to avoid losing the load.

Category: Racing
Name: Halloween Truck Shooter
Description: Drive a truck through the city and overcome all obstacles. Shoot all the evil pumpkin heads.

Category: Racing
Name: Construction City Cargo
Description: Drive a truck with two loaded trailers . Drive carefully to deliver the load to the construction site.

Category: Racing
Name: Pou Truck Delivery
Description: Pou is working as a supplier. Pou has to drive a car and deliver candies.

Category: Other
Name: Heavy Equipment Racing
Description: Take part in a truck race and beat all your opponents.

Category: Other
Name: Zombie Catcher Havoc
Description: Zombies walk through the city you have to take your truck and catch the zombies. When the car is full deliver them to the shop and sell them.

Category: car-parking
Name: Barrel Truck
Description: Ride a double-trailer truck which is full of trees. Deliver the ravine to the finish within a specified period of time.

Category: Racing
Name: Supermarket Supplier
Description: You drive a truck and you have to deliver product to the stores.

Category: Other
Name: 18 Wheeler Heavy Cargo
Description: Drive a truck and delivery goods within given time and without losing too much of the cargo.

Category: Racing
Name: Heavy Trucks Race
Description: Drive a truck and compete with other drivers who will reach the finish as first.

Category: Racing
Name: Underground Machines
Description: Drive truck and deliver the work equipment to the destination. Collect coins during the way.

Category: Racing
Name: Halloween Monster Hunt
Description: You must drive a monster truck and shoot the ghosts and zombies. Collect candies during the road.

Category: monster-truck
Name: Heavy Wheels
Description: In this game you have to ride a monster truck and get to the finish line. You must overcome a variety of obstacles.

Category: monster-truck
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