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Name: Monster Truck Ultimate Ground 2
Description: Drive a monster truck over various obstacles. Use nitro boost to pass the level.

Category: Racing
Name: Shadow Road Trip
Description: You are a survivor of a nuclear war. Drive the car and cross all obstacles.

Category: Racing
Name: Ultimate Car Stunt
Description: Drive a car at the maximum speed and jump over other cars. Stop the car before you crash into the wall.

Category: Other
Name: Mafia Girl Action
Description: The girl drives a car and she has to shoot all the enemies in the way.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Flugtag Racing
Description: Drive a self-made vehicle over obstacles and jump from springboard as fae as you can.

Category: Racing
Name: Urban Mayhem Truck
Description: Monster truck driver is driving on the track. He needs to get over obstacles and oncoming traffic.

Category: monster-truck
Name: Waste Land Jumper
Description: Drive a monster truck and jump over obstacles. Jump high and far enough to pass obstacles, but be aware at the end is a wall.

Category: monster-truck
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