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Name: Little Girl First Bike
Description: The little girl wants her first bike. Help her father to choose the right parts for the bicycle.

Category: Other
Name: Pro BMX Challenge
Description: Ride a BMX and prepare crazy stunts while jumping from platforms. Earn enough points to complete level.

Category: Racing
Name: Mountain Bike Crosser 2
Description: Ride a bicycle over hills and other obstacles. Balance the bicycle all the time to avoid falling off the bike.

Category: Racing
Name: Stickman Rush
Description: Play as a stickman and ride a BMX. Balance your bicycle and find the right road to the level exit area.

Category: dirt-bike
Name: Stickman Combo Stunts
Description: Ride as Stickman on his bicycle and try to win the championship. To complete a level you must complete it without falling off the bike and prepare stunts to earn points.

Category: Racing
Name: Newspaper Boy 2
Description: Play as a mischievous newspaper boy. ride your bicycle and throw newspapers and dynamite into neighborhood homes.

Category: Action-Adventure
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