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Name: Battle for the Galaxy
Description: Battle for the Galaxy is a multiplayer strategy game where you will fight against enemy spaceships and robots. Train your army, cooperate with other players and build a powerful planetary fortress.

Category: social
Name: Pokemon Battle Arena
Description: Choose Pokémon, who will fight in the arena against other Pokémon.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Pokemon Tank Battle
Description: Team rocket is causing problems for pokemons again. Ash with Pikachu drive a tank and shoot the rocket team.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Ben 10 Stinkfly Battle
Description: Ben 10 must help friends, so he have to transform himself into stinkfly. Ben 10 fly and shoot down opponents and collect all sorts of benefits.

Category: Arcade
Name: Super Pilot Battle
Description: During World War II pilot Joe crashes. Joe creates a plane and return to the battlefield, help him to drive.

Category: Shooting
Name: Strafe ww2 western front
Description: It is war and you are the pilot of an airplane and you have to complete various missions.

Category: Shooting
Name: Tankomania
Description: Navigate a tank, shoot all enemy tanks and destroy the enemy nuclear facilities.

Category: Shooting
Name: Bobeedia
Description: In this strategy game you build robots and fight enemy creatures from Bobeedia.

Category: Strategy
Name: Stop GMO
Description: Trying to grow big vegetables make them as monsters. Now you have to eliminate them before they eat you.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Battle in the Highland
Description: In this strategic battle your mission is to defend your lands and capture enemy buildings. Upgrade your factories to build airplanes and balloons.

Category: Strategy
Name: Battle March
Description: In this strategic war game your mission is to capture all enemy buildings. Sent soldiers, tanks or airplanes to enemy bases to capture them.

Category: Strategy
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