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    Name: Spec Ops
    Description: Spec Ops is an online shooting game were your mission is to kill as much enemies as you can.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Alpha Corp
    Description: Team oriented game where you and your allies battle to defeat all the enemies before the time runs out. You will fight through day and night, the enemy getting harder each level.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Lone Survivor
    Description: You are the last survivor of a zombie appocolypse, you must battle your way through increasing hordes of enemies.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Cyborg
    Description: You're a crazed cyborg chick bent on destruction and the obliteration of George W Bush!

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Space Bounty
    Description: You are an elite mercenary and you must destroy everything in your way

    Category: Shooting
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