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Name: Ghost Hunter Mania
Description: Drive a car on the road and shoot the ghosts. Collect coins along the way, and other benefits.

Category: Other
Name: The Apple Shooter
Description: Use the bow and arrow to shoot down all the apples.

Category: Other
Name: Mask Sniper
Description: You have to find and shoot down all the masks.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Fish and Destroy 2
Description: Fish got attacked by piranhas. You must shoot down all the piranhas and avoid the piranhas attack.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Baltimore Sandwich Shop
Description: You have got a new job in a sandwich shop. Look at the customers orders and prepare sandwiches for them.

Category: Cooking
Name: Chicago Hot Dogs
Description: You work in an restaurant and your job is to prepare and serve hot-dogs to customers. Be fast co complete daily tasks.

Category: Cooking
Name: Smurf Dinner
Description: You have got a new job in a Smurfs restaurant. You must serve the customers food and make it fast before they leave.

Category: Cooking
Name: Junk Food Waiter
Description: You are working in a junk food restaurant. Serve the customers the food and make your job quickly to get a job in other restaurant.

Category: Cooking
Name: Katpow Express
Description: You own an Asian fast-food restaurant. To become a successful business man you have to prepare and serve the food as fast as possible.

Category: Cooking
Name: Luna Sun Bakery
Description: Luna is working at a bakery on the beach. Your job is to help her to serve the customers. To complete level you must earn required amount of money before the working day ends.

Category: Cooking
Name: Tom and Jerry Dinner
Description: Help Tom to run his new restaurant. Jerry and his friends are coming to get delicious food and perfect serving.

Category: Cooking
Name: SpongeBob UnderWater Restaurant
Description: SpongeBob has opened a new underwater restaurant but he can not serve the customers alone so you have to help him to make the job.

Category: Cooking
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