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Name: Mario Toad Defense
Description: Mario and friends must protect the girl from the enemy attacks.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Back Home 3
Description: Mario and Louis has lost. Help them find their way to their homes.

Category: physics-games
Name: Angry Santa Mario
Description: Mario wants to buy gifts for friends, but he does not have a coin. Help Mario collect the coins and avoid the dangers.

Category: Arcade
Name: Santa Mario Adventure
Description: Help Mario to collect all the gifts and put back in the red bag.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Winter Run
Description: Mario prepared gifts for friends, but someone stole them. Help Mario to collect all the stolen gifts.

Category: Arcade
Name: Super Mario Rush
Description: Mario and friends take part in a car race. Mario has to collect coins along the way and mystery boxes to win friends.

Category: Racing
Name: Mario pogo
Description: Mario has to jump with the Pogo stick and collected coins.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario New Adventure
Description: Mario has to rescue the princess. He must destroy all the enemies and collect coins along the way.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Toon Fun Ride
Description: Ben 10, Mario, Sonic, and Luie take a part in a race. Choose which of them you will be.

Category: Racing
Name: Mario Great Adventure 7
Description: Mario and Yoshi need to rescue the princess, Mario has to overcome all platforms and destroy enemies.

Category: Action-Adventure
Name: Mario Partner Adventure
Description: Navigate Mario and Luigi through amazing platform levels, collect all the coins and get to the princess.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Yoshi Eggs 2
Description: Solve a variety of physics puzzles to help Mario to get Yoshi eggs into the basket.

Category: physics-games
Name: Mario Great Adventure 6
Description: Mario has the task to destroy Bowser. While searching Bowser he has to collect coins and destroy all the monsters.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Tank Adventure 2
Description: Help Mario to navigate his tank and and destroy all incoming enemy tanks.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Shooting Zone
Description: Play as Mario and use your weapon to shoot all enemies an rescue the princes.

Category: Arcade
Name: Santa Mario Delivery
Description: Mario rides a sleigh, bringing presents for their friends. Help Mario deliver the gifts to his friends.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Super Santa
Description: Mario must help Santa collect all the presents which has fallen off the sledge . He must avoid penguins.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Magic Run
Description: Help Mario to get to the finish. Along the way Mario should avoid all dangerous obstacles.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Kart Challenge
Description: Mario is taking part in a race. He drives a go-kart and must be faster than the other racers.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Shoot Pumpkin
Description: Mario must shoot all the pumpkin. With each level the difficulty increases and it is harder to hit the pumpkins.

Category: physics-games
Name: Mario Bmx Champ
Description: Mario rides a bmx and you must help him riding and avoiding falling over, collect as many coins as possible during the ride.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Great Adventure 5
Description: In this game Mario and Yoshi must collect all the eggs and avoid monsters that are in their way.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario & Yoshi Adventure 3
Description: In this game Mario and Yoshi must rescue the princess. In order to save the princess they collected a variety of benefits and overcome obstacles.

Category: Arcade
Name: Mario Atv Rival
Description: Mario rides a bike on rough roads and he has to drive better and faster than his opponents to win.

Category: Arcade
Name: Save Mario Bros
Description: In this physics based game you must help Mario to get into the pipe. Remove blocks and solve other puzzles to complete the task.

Category: physics-games
Name: Mario vs Zombie Defense
Description: The monsters are coming to break into Mario land. Stop them by placing guns and shooting them before they reach their target.

Category: Shooting
Name: Gypsy Ride
Description: Choose your driver Mario or Sonic and race against other character in a jeep over mountains. Win the race to move to next track.

Category: Racing
Name: Mario Princess Delivery
Description: Mario needs to rescue the princess again. This time you have to complete several mini games to win.

Category: Other
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