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    Name: Dinosaur Hunt
    Description: The people are attacking dinosaur, to defend themselves he spits flames. For dinosaur to survive he must shoot down all opponents.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Bad Pig Defense
    Description: In this game angry birds attacking another bird. The bird has to defend and shoot them with a bow.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Rapid Gun
    Description: In this 3D first person shooter you play as a soldier whose mission is to eliminate all enemy troops in the area.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Ghostbombers
    Description: In this game you have to catch the ghosts, shoot the boxes so they fall down. You have to avoid falling boxes but if falls a ghost catch it with a ray gun.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Frontline Defender
    Description: In this game you must try to kill your opponents before they destroy the protective dike. The farther you will be the better weapons you can buy.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Trigger Down
    Description: Play as an elite shooter and clear the area from terrorists. Shoot them fast before they shoot you.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Let the Bullet Fly 3
    Description: Play as an agent and use your gun to shoot down all gangsters.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Zombie Purification Theory
    Description: Zombies are planning to attack your village. Use your bow with silver arrows to shoot these zombies.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Fast Monster Shooter 2
    Description: Your mission is to clear the base from mutant soldiers. Be fast and shoot them before they shoot you.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Space Mutators
    Description: The first contact with aliens was not that successful and now aliens are attacking earth. Navigate a space ship and shoot them down.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Cupid Shoot Shoot Shoot
    Description: Play as Cupidon and use your bow to shoot the arrows into girls.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Terror Combat Defense
    Description: The terrorists are attacking the US military base. use your weapons to shoot them and stop the invasion.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Rise of the Zombies
    Description: The zombies has captured the family of a young girl. Help her to shoot zombies but be careful do not shoot your family member.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Tankomania
    Description: Navigate a tank, shoot all enemy tanks and destroy the enemy nuclear facilities.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Toy Wars
    Description: The toys gone crazy and started a war. Help the toy tank to shoot down planes and helicopters to survive.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Centaurs attack
    Description: Centaurs are coming out the forest and going to attack you. Use your bow to shoot them before they kill you.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Duty Hill 2
    Description: Play as a military soldier and defend your area. Move the character, pick up bonus items and shoot all incoming enemies.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Counter-Flash 3
    Description: Play as a soldier and use your rifle to shoot down all enemies in the area.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Agent Sky
    Description: Play as an agent whose mission is to eliminate enemy troops in the city, use your gun to shoot them and be careful.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Zombie eye madness
    Description: Use your gun to shoot all zombies on the stage. Aim and bounce the bullets to hit harder targets.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Man Soldier
    Description: Play as man soldier and shoot down all enemies. Hide yourself against covers to survive.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Tank Storm 2
    Description: Control an armored battle tank, destroy all enemy vehicles and shoot soldiers to get through enemy territory and destroy the enemy base.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Zombie Revolt
    Description: You are driving a jeep through dead city full with zombies. Shoot them all and upgrade the weapons to survive.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Medieval Shooter
    Description: In this epic battle you have to use your crossbow to shoot enemy knights. Be very fast otherwise they will shoot you.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Modern Soldier Shooter
    Description: Use your shotgun to eliminate soldiers coming from the future. Be fast and accurate to complete the mission.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Combat Shooter 3D
    Description: The enemy units has captured the martian base. Your mission is to use your rifle and clear the area from enemies.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: The Walkin Dead
    Description: The zombies are all around and the only safe place could be a prison. Your mission is to clear the prison from zombies.

    Category: Shooting
    Name: Bear Attack
    Description: The bears are attacking you and coming for your honey. Use your weapon to stop them. Earn money and buy more weapons.

    Category: Shooting
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