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Free Puzzle Games

Name: Shifter
Description: Move the squares it to get to the exit.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Blow Up The Colorful Balls
Description: In this puzzle game you have to shoot down balls of the same color.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Emergency Van Jigsaw Puzzle
Description: This is a puzzle game where you have to put together an image.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Guide Us Back Home
Description: You have to help the aliens to get to the right color house.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Monster Taxi Jigsaw Puzzle
Description: This is a puzzle game where you have to assemble a monster taxi.

Category: Puzzle
Name: 18 Wheeler Jigsaw Puzzle
Description: Solve a jigsaw puzzle with various truck pictures.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Complex Path
Description: Help the smiley to get out of prison. Collect all the keys to unlock the road.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Gravi Jello
Description: In this puzzle game you have to clean the area. Connect three or more identical squares to remove them.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Mask Sniper
Description: You have to find and shoot down all the masks.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Let Plants Fly
Description: Zombies are attacking, but the pea shooters have a limited number of bullets to shoot down all the zombies.

Category: physics-games
Name: Crabs Hunt
Description: Colored balls wants to get into the crab house. Crab has to destroy all the colored balls so that they does not enter his house.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Empty Bottle Water Puzzle
Description: In this game you have to fill a Bottle with water. Read the info to know how much water in which bottle should be.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Pou Pirate Shot
Description: Pou is a pirate looking for treasure. Pou found the treasure, but the other pirates find the treasure too. Pou has to shoot down other pirates.

Category: physics-games
Name: Gemtastic Journey
Description: In this puzzle game you have to switch diamonds to get three diamonds of the same color in a row.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Tiger Eat Cow
Description: The tiger is hungry and he wants to eat a whole cow. Help the tiger find the way to the cow.

Category: physics-games
Name: Animal Puzzle Mania
Description: This game has three different puzzles. You have to find all the animal pairs and complete jigsaw puzzles.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Hundred
Description: Fill in all the squares on the field.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Save The Alien
Description: Aliens are trapped in a strange place, help him get back to his cave.

Category: physics-games
Name: Donutosaur
Description: Dinosaur likes to eat well. Help the Dinosaur get to the food.

Category: physics-games
Name: Ancient Blocks
Description: In this game you have to put the pieces to form a complete line. The full lines of the same color gives points.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Ben10 Mirror Match
Description: Change the picture on the right to get it like a mirror of the left picture.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Marblelicious
Description: Marblelicious is a puzzle game where the same color balls must be placed in a single streak.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Cut the Monster 2
Description: You need to destroy monsters with your lasers.

Category: physics-games
Name: Minumatch
Description: Join three or more identical drinks to destroy them and remove from the board.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Kings Troubles
Description: You must protect the king from the bomb. Draw a barrier to protect the king.

Category: physics-games
Name: Hidden Objects Funny Toys
Description: Find all the hidden objects from the list. Once all the objects found will open a new room.

Category: hidden-object-games-online
Name: Z Infect
Description: Zombies are all around, there are still people left who have not been infected you must get the zombie to human.

Category: Puzzle
Name: Sleeping Beauties
Description: Play as a knight and shoot love bullets from the cannon into princesses.

Category: physics-games
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